Addicted to Sugar?

Increased Appetite?

Stressed Out?

Slow Metabolism?

Not Sure Which

Direction to Go?

Dawn O'Meally 


Dawn has been in private practice for 20 years. Specializing in weight issues & passionate about coaching people in practicing CBT and small group teaching.

Nancy Lum  


Founder of GI & Bariatric Nutrition Center. Specializing in GI, Bariatric, Diabetic, Renal and Sports Nutrition, Nancy is a leading authority on Bariatric & weight loss nutrition in the Baltimore area.  She has successfully supported client's weight loss efforts for over 16 years.

Liz Dumont  


Certified Personal Trainer & Behavior Change Specialist.  With over 20 years of experience in exercise program design, weight loss & behavior change, Liz is passionate about helping people discover active & healthy lifestyles.

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